Phlegethon Marble Coaster Set

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Phlegethon Marble Coaster Set

The name of this coaster set may look a bit odd but the meaning explains this coaster set perfectly!

Phlegethon (fleg•ah•thon) is a noun meaning a stream of fire or fiery light. Which as you can see the stunning ombre effect of red to orange is just that! Shimmery and captivating. 

Finished with hand cut cork and ready to enjoy. Claim this vibrant set today!

This set includes four beautifully hand painted and uniquely designed four inch geometric marble coasters.

•Each have a durable top coat that can withstand hot and cold drinks.

•Hand cut cork is carefully applied to the bottoms and they are beautifully packaged to open as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

These are the perfect conversation starter for any home while enjoying a beverage with guests!