Hello There!

My name is Mikayla. I am the artist and creator of Orion's Original Designs. I have always had a passion for art at a young age and loved working with every color, every medium and for the most part every style out there. But if I am being truthful.....I never thought I could paint....like EVER. So here is a little bit about how it all began!

In 2016 I felt called to start up a small business and donate proceeds back to the community through making home decor signs. This was wonderful! It was something to do on the side of my day to day job and I felt like this was a fantastic way to get involved and give back to the community. 

In 2018 I had my beautiful son, Preston, and my passion for the world around us grew even more! I felt dreams forming and a strong desire for being an artist just couldn't be contained! I started my small business journey once again by creating Orion's Original Designs and started out selling hand painted ornaments out of a local spa in town. One day, I had a piece of marble in front of me and thought...I want to paint on this. Again.. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE A PAINTER...So I wasn't looking for this to be anything special. But then it hit me! I was painting the WRONG WAY. I wasn't ever painting from the heart. But this time was different I just let the brush flow and the colors stream off. This. Right Then. Was a moment that made me so uncontrollably happy! I love what I do and I love what I create. I can only hope that it is making people who purchase a piece of my art just as excited and giving them a passion for life and to pursue their dreams! I know... that's a lot for a piece of art to say...but I think it can and I hope it does!

A few fun facts about me:

I have a loving and supportive husband & son who are a main support beam for this small business of mine! 

A fur child (dog) named Chewbacca that I love dearly even though I am pretty sure he is more needy then my human baby...

I absolutely love all things Jeep and own a Wrangler and Cherokee that we love to take out and off road in.

Priest Lake & Canada are my two favorite places in the world & I dream to add Europe to that list someday as well.

Thank you for supporting this small business and as always please reach out if you have and questions or comments!

Looking forward to creating something for you in the future!