Alpas Marble Coaster Set

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Alpas Marble Coaster Set

The meaning of the name behind this stunning coaster set named Alpas is: (v.) To become free, to break loose.
Whether it is a break through in yourself, your relationships, your dreams, your work, your home projects, you can take a deep breathe and let out a sigh of relief. Sit down and enjoy a beverage next to these stunning additions in your home. The beautiful browns collided together during the process of painting but after allowing the copper to break through the layers you can now see the variety of shades this set has to offer and them shimmering all on their own. These coasters are meant to bring relief and a sense of freeing to your busy mind.

Purchase this stunning set today!

This set includes four beautifully hand painted and uniquely designed four inch geometric marble coasters.

•Each have a durable top coat that can withstand hot and cold drinks.

•Hand cut cork is carefully applied to the bottoms and they are beautifully packaged to open as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

These are the perfect conversation starter for any home while enjoying a beverage with guests!